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Unrivaled Women is the first Al-driven ecosystem dedicated to women’s ability to gain a competitive edge, prove your value and grow wealth.

Women Owned Businesses are Missing Out on Contracts and growth for Their Business

Become Unrivaled to utilize Al tools and the power of ecosystems to connect, compete, and win corporate opportunities.

Key Points

Women can compete at higher levels and become more sustainable in the ecosystem.

Amplifying the participation of women owned businesses in corporate supply chains by connecting our members to more opportunities.

Vetting and verification takes the risk out of doing business.

The Benefits of Joining the Unrivaled Women Ecosystem

Grow your market presence in a dedicated enterprise ecosystem.

Unrivaled Women positions you to:

Grow economic opportunity and long-term wealth building potential and investment opportunities.

Grow your business network while reducing your risk.

Match your business to contract opportunities based upon proven performance.

The Advantages of Membership

Access to vetted customers and suppliers in a dedicated ecosystem

Market, promote and positioning with Unrivaled Women

Direct and transparent engagement with corporate customers

Verification of certification or a path to becoming certified

Enhanced profitability through data-driven insights

Objective rank and score in the ecosystem demonstrating your ability to perform at a high level

Here's What You Get

Simple mobile-based SaaS solution hosted and secured in partnership with Microsoft.

A performance-driven software solution that includes a dedicated ecosystem dashboard, mobile app and SEO-friendly web page branded for your business.

Inclusion in the Unrivaled Women B2B portal with access to corporate contract opportunities and partnerships with other women-owned businesses.

Start Free
Small Business
Medium Business
Large Business
Visibility in the ecosystemyesyesyesyes
Signed Performance Contracts1 to 5unlimitedunlimited
Standard Reports2unlimitedunlimited
Custom Reports5unlimited
Data Analyticsyesyes
AI ToolsAI Starter PackFull AI package
AI-driven reporting on demandyes
Connect to corporate opportunities in the ecosystemyesyesyesyes
Partner with businesses in the ecosystemyesyesyesyes
Transaction processing fees*5%5%4.75%4.50%
Start Free
Small Business
Medium Business
Large Business

Business Features

Certification verificationyesyesyesyes
Contract performance managementyesyesyes
A single repository of intelligent datayesyesyes
100% Vetted and Accurate Datayesyesyesyes
Intelligent reportsyesyes
Intelligent contractsyesyesyes
Business ranked and scoredyesyesyes
Auditing, ranking and scoring contract valueyesyesyes
Traceable business modelyesyesyes

Technical Features

100% data privacyyesyesyesyes
SOC 2 Type II Compliant and certifiedyesyesyesyes
No integration requiredyesyesyesyes
Fully hosted IT solution in Azureyesyesyesyes
PCI Compliant transaction through Stripeyesyesyesyes
CCPA compliantyesyesyesyes
HIPAA compliantyesyesyesyes
GDPR compliantyesyesyesyes
Software only, use the devices you’ve gotyesyesyesyes

Mobile app

All in one digital platformyesyesyesyes
Complete digital business setupyesyesyesyes
Promote business on the ecosystem mapyesyesyesyes
Create Offersyesyesyesyes
Sell and get paid trough Stripe integrationyesyesyesyes
Sell and get paid through third party or clientyesyesyesyes
Invoice and receiptsyesyesyesyes
Sales tax automationyesyesyesyes
Create Subscriptionsyesyesyesyes
Create and Sign Contractsyesyesyesyes
Create and Track Reportsyesyesyesyes
Business listing on ecosystem mapyesyesyesyes
Business Vetting and Verificationyesyesyesyes
Business Typeyesyesyesyes
Business Identityyesyesyesyes
Business Certificationsyesyesyesyes
Certification Verificationyesyesyesyes
Track Sales and Paymentsyesyesyesyes
Track Revenueyesyesyesyes

Web-based Data Dashboard

Fully customizable displayyesyesyes
Three dashboard states:
·       Planning Viewyesyesyes
·       Real Time Monitoring Viewyesyesyes
·       AI Recommendation Engineyesyes
View performance in trendline chartsyesyesyes
Create notificationsyesyesyes
Create 1 Performance Contract
Create Multiple Performance Contractsyesyesyes
Track the performance of contractsyesyesyes
Create reportsyesyesyes
Track the performance of reportsyesyesyes
Review and sign contractsyesyesyes
Custom data integrationsyes

B2B Ecosystem Web Portal

Free business listing for membersyesyesyesyes
Web-based store for membersyesyesyesyes
Buy and sell in the portal for membersyesyesyes
Access to view contract opportunities for membersyesyesyes
Upload contractsyesyesyes

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