Our Mission

Our mission is to empower human agency while growing economic opportunities for all people.

Our Origin Story

In 2024, a group of seasoned entrepreneurs united with a shared vision: to empower human agency and unlock opportunities for individuals and businesses. Recognizing that infrastructure and construction were pivotal for economic growth, they founded RealBusiness.ai. They believed that by leveraging AI, immersive communication, and a dynamic marketplace, they could revolutionize how businesses operate and grow. Their commitment to reducing risk, enhancing value, and fostering a collaborative ecosystem laid the foundation for a platform that connects enterprises and suppliers, driving sustainable progress in the construction and infrastructure sectors.

Tomme Sheehan


Tomme is the engineer who created the core technology and is responsible for the
Realbusiness global technology and business strategies.
“As the father of three daughters, I find it impossible to believe that they do not have the same
opportunities as me because of their gender. I wanted to use my skills and abilities to change
the business landscape and help women make their own rules.”
Tomme is an introvert at his core.

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Jennifer Schaumburg


Jen manages the day-to-day operations of the business and the ecosystems that Realbusiness
operates for its clients.
“Growing up, I watched as my mother faced constant defeat in business, despite her grit and
tenacity. That injustice fueled a fire in me from an early age, and it became my goal to prove
that a woman could not only win but also make her own rules for others like her.”
Jen enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, cooking and taking time for self-care.

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Parm Kang


Parm is responsible for developing and maintaining the financial strategy and growth of Realbusiness.
“Startup life is investing time to learn, train, and build something that contributes to the
betterment of other people. I’m focused on widening the playing field for all to participate in
creating more sustainable businesses and organizations.”
Parm lived in three different countries, almost 7 years in each, before turning 21.

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Sherman Sall


Sherman manages the workflow of the Realbusiness platforms and works with its customers to
identify and implement customizations.

“I have been involved in many startups because each one is like creating a new world to
conquer and improve. I live to embrace challenges and prefer to be judged on my results, which
is both humbling and exhilarating.”
Sherman previously walked away from a very successful international gaming business he
founded to create a tech solution that helps people suffering from dementia and those who care
for them.

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Isadora Smith


Isadora leads in building the community and business ecosystem that deliver the benefits of the Realbusiness technology and collective intelligence to the people, workers and businesses that want to upskill or scale.
“Growing up amidst Montana’s serene beauty and witnessing the injustices within the American
Indian Reservations ignited a fire within me. Realizing the inequities women and minorities face, from small towns to large cities, I’m devoted to empowering women, championing their rights, and fostering equality in every corner of the world.”
Most summers you can find Isadora under the Big Sky, spending time in the mountains, hiking, camping or on a horse.

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Rebecca Molnar

Software Lead

Rebecca oversees the Realbusiness software development lifecycle from design to testing.
“I go to work every day wanting to use my skills to create something that helps others.”
Rebecca spends her free time coding.

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Harshitha Ravi

Data Lead

Harshitha develops and maintains the Realbusiness user-friendly data dashboard that enables
users to view reports in graphs and list views.
“I am passionate about creatively solving various problems and providing impactful solutions to
address business challenges. I aim to be a better problem solver every day compared to the
day before, and that’s what motivates me to come to work every morning.”
Harshitha enjoys writing short poems and stories. She also enjoys sketching, painting and
reading books.

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Jay Jordan

Automation and Support

Jay leads the automation that onboards the clients and member teams into Realbusiness
ecosystem and drives operational efficiencies and business success.

“My family owned two small businesses that my grandfather founded, and growing up in that
environment inspired me to pursue entrepreneurial studies. I enjoy continuous growth, finding
opportunities to expand my skills, learning new technologies and finding ways to improve or
automate processes utilizing those technologies.”
Jay is an amateur road race driver in the Camaro-Mustang Challenge. He enjoys spending time
with his family, attending Baylor sporting events and dirt bike riding.

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Aubrey Thompson

Board Advisor

Aubrey brings considerable insight and advises Realbusiness executives and Board members.
“I aim to make a positive difference in real people’s lives and create real change that influences
how our society grows. I want to be of help to others, have a meaningful impact and to learn
from others.”
Aubrey is an Irishman who lived in France for many years, is a passionate cook and
gastronome, an avid rugby fan and bilingual in French and English.

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