Jennifer Schaumburg

President & COO

Jen leads in building ecosystems that are integral to Unrivaled Group’s data-driven technology.

“Growing up, I watched as my mother faced constant defeat in business, despite her grit and tenacity. That injustice fueled a fire in me from an early age, and it became my goal to prove that a woman could not only win but also make her own rules for others like her.”

Jen enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, cooking and taking time for self-care.

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Valerie Tyson

Head of Strategy and Sports

Valerie oversees strategy and sports for Unrivaled Group and our clients.

“Sports has the power to influence culture, society and even politics. I see sports as a platform that can be used to make positive change and find it a privilege to work with people who are passionate about making a difference.”

Valerie loves Ted Lasso more than anyone we know.

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Tomme Sheehan

Chief Executive Officer

Tomme is responsible for technical partnerships and the development and implementation of Unrivaled Group’s global technology and business strategies.

“As the father of three daughters, I find it impossible to believe that they do not have the same opportunities as me because of their gender. I wanted to use my skills and abilities to change the business landscape and help women make their own rules.”

Tomme is an introvert at his core.

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Isadora Smith

Chief of Staff

Isadora works with Unrivaled Group’s executive leaders to improve the internal functions and processes of the company.

“Growing up amidst Montana’s serene beauty and witnessing the injustices within the American Indian Reservations ignited a fire within me. Realizing the inequities women and minorities face, from small towns to large cities, I’m devoted to empowering women, championing their rights, and fostering equality in every corner of the world.”

Most summers you can find Isadora under the Big Sky, spending time in the mountains, hiking, camping or on a horse.

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Parm Kang

Head of Finance

Parm is responsible for developing and maintaining the financial strategy and growth of Unrivaled Group.

“Startup life is investing time to learn, train, and build something that contributes to the betterment of other people. I’m focused on widening the playing field for all to participate in creating more sustainable businesses and organizations.”

Parm lived in three different countries, almost 7 years in each, before turning 21.

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Sherman Sall

Head of Product

Sherman manages the workflow of Unrivaled Group’s platforms and customizations.

“I have been involved in many startups because each one is like creating a new world to conquer and improve. I live to embrace challenges and prefer to be judged on my results, which is both humbling and exhilarating.”

Sherman walked away from a very successful international gaming business he founded to create a tech solution that helps people suffering from dementia and those who care for them.

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Anna Sawyer

Director of Content

Anna is responsible for executing and overseeing the content strategy for Unrivaled Group and its clients.

“Being a writer at heart, I like using my creativity to create impactful work, while collaborating with others passionate about producing great things. I am excited to come to work every day knowing that I am part of a company that is changing the game for women and doing something that’s never been done before.”

Anna is fluent in French and loves to cook, read, and spend time with her dogs.

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Estrella Lozano

Public Relations Coordinator

Estrella plans publicity strategies and campaigns for Unrivaled Group and its clients.

“As a first gen and the oldest sibling in my household, I want to serve as an example for my younger siblings and show them that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. I am excited to work every morning knowing that what we do can change the game for women everywhere.”

Estrella’s first language is Spanish. She is an avid runner, plays guitar and creates art as often as possible.

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Drea Leonetti

Creative Director

Drea leads all the work and design development of marketing collateral for Unrivaled Group and its clients.

“From a family filled with teachers and artists, my passion for creative problem solving was sparked early in life. The combination of strategy, visuals and messaging make for a bit of an odd sandbox to play in, but I love it. Every day I look forward to helping my clients look their best.”

When not behind a computer, Drea can be found performing improv or spending time with her two dogs, Chi and Coco.

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Rebecca Molnar

Lead Software Developer

Rebecca oversees Unrivaled Group’s software development lifecycle from design to testing.

“I go to work every day wanting to use my skills to create something that helps others.”

Rebecca spends her free time coding.

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Harshitha Ravi

Full Stack Developer

Harshitha develops and maintains Unrivaled Group’s user-friendly data dashboard that enables users to view reports in graphs and list views.

“I am passionate about creatively solving various problems and providing impactful solutions to address business challenges. I aim to be a better problem solver every day compared to the day before, and that’s what motivates me to come to work every morning.”

Harshitha enjoys writing short poems and stories. She also enjoys sketching, painting and reading books.

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Jay Jordan

Head of Automation and Support

Jay leads teams and leverages Unrivaled Group’s technology and automation to drive operational efficiencies and business success.

“My family owned two small businesses that my grandfather founded, and growing up in that environment inspired me to pursue entrepreneurial studies. I enjoy continuous growth, finding opportunities to expand my skills, learning new technologies and finding ways to improve or automate processes utilizing those technologies.”

Jay is an amateur road race driver in the Camaro-Mustang Challenge. He enjoys spending time with his family, attending Baylor sporting events and dirt bike riding.

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Tyler Bartlett


Tyler supports Unrivaled Group’s creative team through design and web development.

“I am inspired by the transformative power of design and technology to shape narratives and foster connections. I take pride in creating engaging content that connects people, celebrates community and amplifies diverse voices.”

Tyler has been a pianist his whole life and has a background as a professional musician. He loves photography, mixology, cooking and especially baking.

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Antoine Ibrahim

Director of Public Relations Services

Antoine oversees the internal communications efforts for Unrivaled Group and its clients.

“There is nothing that brings the world together like sports. Being able to convey stories that bring so many people together is the most gratifying thing about this job and why it makes me so passionate.”

Antoine has four extra wisdom teeth and loves playing cars with his twin boys.

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Jason Brannon

Director of Business Development

Jason manages Unrivaled Group’s current client base and is also responsible for new client generation.

“It is very empowering and gratifying to know that you can have a major influence on a client’s ultimate success. Every day I am inspired by my family and the knowledge that I can help our team and our clients reach their goals.”

Jason is a natural blonde. Don’t let the gray hair fool you.

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Aubrey Thompson

Board Member

Aubrey brings insight and advises Unrivaled Group’s executives and Board members.

“I aim to make a positive difference in real people’s lives and create real change that influences how our society grows. I want to be of help to others, have a meaningful impact and to learn from others.”

Aubrey is an Irishman who lived in France for many years, is a passionate cook and gastronome, an avid rugby fan and bilingual in French and English.

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