Realbusiness Security Policy

Realbusiness Security Policy 

Realbusiness ensures the protection of all user data by leveraging strategic security partnerships and compliance with industry standards. All Realbusiness data is housed in isolated computing environments on Microsoft Azure that meet stringent security certifications. As the worldwide cloud leader, Microsoft provides the foundational infrastructure to securely separate and safeguard Realbusiness systems and information. 

For payment processing, Realbusiness partners with Stripe, the dominant provider in this space. Stripe handles all financial transactions in the platform through their Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant systems. Stripe also conducts identity verification to help Unrivaled Women meet Know Your Customer regulations. 

All data processed through the software platform benefits from the security capabilities, continual monitoring and independent audits that Realbusiness achieves via Microsoft Azure and Stripe. Realbusiness employs secure development practices, access controls, logging and other measures to protect confidential data and business operations. 

Software Summary and Approach 

We have designed our systems and architecture with a focus on protecting customer data security and privacy. To achieve this, we partner with industry leaders Microsoft and Stripe to leverage their specialized security capabilities. 

Microsoft Partnership 

For infrastructure and data hosting, we leverage Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform for all web assets and isolated .NET Maui app environments. As the worldwide leader in cloud computing, Microsoft Azure meets stringent security standards like FedRAMP. Their robust and compliant infrastructure provides the foundation for isolating and protecting our customer mobile and web-based workloads. Azure provides robust security features to enhance the security of.NET MAUI apps, such as encrypted SQL databases, Azure Key Vault, security monitoring, threat detection and prevention through the Azure Security Center and regular security audits. 

Stripe Partnership 

For secure payment processing and KYC business verification, we have partnered with Stripe, the dominant provider in this space. Stripe securely handles all payment card transactions through their PCI-compliant platform and conducts regular independent audits.  

Know Your Customer obligations require Stripe to verify that account holders are operating from the business addresses they provide in their account application. Completing KYC requires users to provide detailed information and documents to prove identity and home address verification, tax ID verification, beneficial ownership and more. 

Business verification data is securely processed by Stripe and not stored on Realbusiness Inc., servers. Their specialized expertise enables us to focus on our core product while guaranteeing financial and business data protection. 

Approach in Partnership 

By leveraging these strategic partnerships, detailed through contracts outlining security roles and responsibilities, we aim to provide customers with assurance. 

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