Transform Your Enterprise with the Breakthrough AI™ Ecosystem Suite

Realbusiness reduces risks and disruptions across your ecosystem-enabled enterprise, saving you time and money by improving performance at every point.

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Powering Your Competitve Advantage

Join the global leader in the AI-driven business solutions market. The ability of Breakthrough AI to empower workers, streamline operations, and facilitate global expansion makes it a pivotal tool for today’s forward-thinking organizations.
Everything - Everywhere Visibility

The Breakthrough AI Ecosystem Suite gathers mission critical data, including ecosystem, training, and contract performance metrics, and pushes it into your KnowledgeNet marketplace dashboard. Layered on top of your existing technology, this creates a comprehensive, end-to-end view of supply chain and organizational performance.

Transforming Project Management with Real Time Performance Analytics

Empower your project management with unmatched visibility through real-time KPI tracking and performance analytics. Breakthrough AI enables lightning-fast, data-driven decisions, effective gap analysis, and root cause troubleshooting, ensuring greater transparency, enhanced efficiency, and minimized risks for successful project completion.

A Powerful Suite of Ecosystem Applications to Transform Your Business
The Breakthrough AI Ecosystem Suite sits above your existing enterprise systems (ERP, TMS, WMS and more) and works with them to leverage your organizational data, giving you unparalleled insights in real-time.
Unleash the Power of Your Workforce with Collective Intellect
Every business thrives with an empowered workforce. Collective Intelligence puts your knowledge IP to work by offering continuous learning and skills development when and where your people need it.
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Align Strategic Objectives with KnowledgeNet

KnowledgeNet is the centralized ecosystem platform that monitors and manages performance analytics, content creation and project management in real time, while streamlining access to knowledge and ensuring alignment with the company’s strategic objectives. The result is an ecosystem where knowledge is not just stored but actively created and utilized to drive performance and innovation.

Take Your Contract Management to a New Level with Contract Factory

Contract Factory redefines how agreements are managed. Our performance-based AI contracts provide real-time visibility into their execution and risk assessment. This means contracts are no longer static documents but dynamic entities that evolve with the project’s performance data, enabling smarter and more adaptive agreements.

Driving Global Job Creation and Workforce Development

Realbusiness’ mission is not just improving existing processes; it is about creating new opportunities and fostering global workforce development. The democratization of knowledge within the Breakthrough AI Ecosystems means that employees and stakeholders at all levels can enhance their skills and contribute more meaningfully to their organizations and the global economy.

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