The Faster, Better Way to Create Performance-Driven Ecosystems

Ecosystems and the proliferation of AI are changing the game throughout society. As revolutionary as these innovations are, enterprises have few clearly defined paths to invest in the opportunity without significant risk to their business and supply chain.

The Breakthrough AI Ecosystem Suite was created to provide that path – from the first small step in operational performance improvements to a highly orchestrated enterprise-wide rollout.


The 6 Strategies for a Successful Ecosystem Implementation

Simple Adoption Plan

We make it fast and easy to get started with a secure ecosystem pilot that baselines your operations and lays the foundation for full ecosystem solutioning. Realbusiness offers a future-proof framework to support AI while securing enterprise performance data as the first strategic step.

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During the pilot phase:
  • We create a baseline based on the business metrics, training, contract and compliance requirements of your operations.
  • Your Breakthrough AI™ powered ecosystem tracks, audits and traces actual performance levels v. expected or mean averages of sample contracts.
  • Based on your capabilities to embrace Breakthrough AI™ as a data-driven strategy, our professional implementation team will work with your team to continue the rollout.

No More Data Silos

Realbusiness has created a new approach to data with an open infrastructure, providing easily accessible data to business leaders and their teams.

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  • Realbusiness has simplified the technical expertise required. Our GenAI based data dashboard metrics, targets, and goals are easily accessed, assembled and displayed by business-level stakeholders.
  • Multiple stakeholders can be given permission to develop, maintain and extend any of the data in the ecosystem to create avatar-enabled applications.
  • With less dependency on experts and technologies, more of your teams can gain an understanding of how things are performing in the ecosystem-leading to improvements.

Unlock Your Knowledge and Data

Take end to end control of your organizational knowledge and data and minimize both internal and external threats. Realbusiness doesn’t store any personal or sensitive information on our servers, only the unique contextual information and content that feeds our algorithms and your LLMs.

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  • From capture to usage, Realbusiness helps you generate, maintain, and increase knowledge and data quality at any step of the lifecycle.
  • You will profit from data-driven initiatives that are easy to implement.
  • Subject matter experts who don’t need specific knowledge of the underlying datasets can provide guidance on your data and knowledge strategies.

Actual, Accurate Performance Data

You can rely on the data which is independently vetted and verified in the ecosystem, to be your 3rd party source of truth that is required for governance or compliance reporting.

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  • Your KnowledgeNet ecosystem establishes an objective data layer that links to and enriches your current assets.
  • Provides a professional information management and data governance infrastructure.
  • The ecosystem data layer independently verifies, audits, ranks and scores all assets to maintain data integrity.

Contract Factory Performance Contracts

By keeping all your contract performance goals in a digital format, you can improve your supply chain efficiency. Our AI-powered immersive contracts are not just digital agreements but are intricate coded instructions designed to carry out specific tasks. Think of them as digital rulebooks. Once you’ve agreed to the rules and set them in motion, the code ensures that every action adheres to those guidelines.

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  • This approach is easy to roll out across your entire company, boosting your competitive edge and overall performance:
    • Enhances accuracy with avatar-based presentation
    • Speeds up response times
    • Quickly identifies and address risks
    • Tracked and monitored in the data dashboard
    • Available in any language, translated in real time

Supercharge Subject Matter Experts with Collective Intellect

You no longer need to understand how to write software, work with IT tools or learn new terminology. Collective Intellect empowers people with domain-specific knowledge to make a big impact on the organization with minimal effort.

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  • Increase the quality of your organization professional development with inputs from your organization’s most important assets, your leaders, managers and workers.
  • The GenAI capabilities of Collective Intellect enable subject matter experts to contribute with their domain-specific knowledge.
  • Our intuitive content creation tools requires no mathematical, software engineering or data processing skills.

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