case study

Necessity Breeds Innovation to Support Women-Owned Businesses

May 18, 2024

Client Case

A 2021 compliance issue for a 24/7 service team necessitated an immediate solution. They adopted an innovative standalone ecosystem platform, transforming operations beyond initial goals if identifying more female providers.

Client Use & Outcomes

The platform streamlined compliance, reducing turnover to 3% while increasing budget predictability to 100%. Additional capabilities like proactive resourcing, verification, and analytics further optimized operations and decision-making.\

Future Progress

They will leverage the technology’s success to increase women-owned participation and performance through new metrics and transparency at contract and ecosystem levels.

Strategic Actions

Criteria will identify women-owned providers. Analytics will track related metrics to guide decisions. Ecosystem owners gain supply chain visibility at the individual and collective level.

Expected Impact

Proactive strategies and accountability will significantly increase women-owned representation rapidly. Reporting demonstrates commitment to an equitable, competitive market.


Necessity uncovered a breakthrough solution. Now, we apply lessons learned to advance another priority through a strategic initiative. Adapting our approach aims to exceed expectations, establish new diversity standards, and ensure ongoing compliance through reporting. Reporting will demonstrate our progress in building a more equitable, competitive market while also maintaining regulatory requirements.

Unrivaled Women

By leveraging the success of our standalone ecosystem platform, we created an “Unrivaled” environment for women-owned businesses within our digital ecosystem. The strategic actions outlined here seek to not only increase representation but transform performance visibility, accountability, and outcomes across value chains. The success criteria for the initiative are enterprises unifying to establish a new performance contracting standard for empowering women entrepreneurs to reach their fullest potential within a diverse and inclusive self-contained digital ecosystem.